UV cure Adhesives

Fast UV-curable high Tg, low outgas, low CTE epoxy sealants for chip edge sealing, OLED/PLED, and liquid crystal chip edge sealing, chip bonding, semiconductor and optoelectronic packaging. Very inert materials with no interaction with liquid crystal or OLED or PLED materials.  Low moisture and gas permeability, suitable for hermetic sealing applications.  The cured sealants are compatible with solder reflow temperatures up to 280°C and meet many reliability standards such as Telcordia and JDEC Level 3.  These adhesives are designed for UV-transparent substrates; for opaque substrates or assemblies with shaded regions, see the Dual Cure Adhesives and UV-Snap Cure Adhesives pages.

UV cure sequence

dispense          mate              cure

Applications:  glass to glass bonding, glass to ceramic bonding, glass to plastic bonding, semiconductor or optoelectronic packaging, component packaging, edge sealant for OLED, PLED displays, edge sealant for liquid crystal chip, fiber array and waveguide bonding.  High viscosity grades can be used for active alignment applications.

Product η (cps, 25 °C) Tg (°C) Applications   Data Sheets
UV Cure Epoxies        
A535-A 900 – 1,100 155  A, B, C, G  TDS, GHS_SDS
A535-AN 3,000 – 4,100 175  A, B, C, G, H TDS, GHS_SDS
A586 4,500 – 6,000 110  A, B, C, G, H TDS, GHS_SDS
AC A1428 4,500 – 6,000 115  D TDS, GHS_SDS
AC A1450 5,800 – 6,500 168  E TDS, GHS_SDS
AC A1430-B 70,000 – 90,000 110  D TDS, MSDS
AC A1432 50,000 – 65,000 150  B, D, F, G, H TDS, GHS_SDS

A: Bonding
B: Semiconductor, chip & component packaging
C: Fiber/waveguide bonding
D: OLED/PLED edge sealant
E: Flexible OLED device edge sealant
F: Liquid crystal device sealant
G: Active alignment
H: Low outgas; meets MIL-STD 883/5011