DA-101R for Surface Mounted Devices on PCB

DA-101R is specfically designed for surface mounted devices (SMD) on PCB.  It is a red (for visualization) thixotropic Snap-Cure single component epoxy.  It cures in 3-5 minutes at 110 °C to give a high Tg, low CTE, low out-gas film.  Click on SMD Adhesive for more.

Addison Clear Wave's UV-Snap Cure Adhesives

ACW recently released a group of adhesives termed UV-Snap Cure Epoxies.  These are epoxy-only adhesives designed for use in electronics and optoelectronices packaging for assemblies that have opaque or shaded regions and/or temperature sensitive components.  These adhesives are stable at room temperature but are activated by a short burst of UV light to give a highly reactive adhesive.  The idea is to apply the stable adhesive to one part, activate the adhesive with UV, mate the parts using active alignment if necessary, employ a second UV burst to fix the alignment, and then heat at 60-80 °C to complete the curing.  For more information, CLICK UV-Snap Cure

Using ACW's UV-Snap Cure Adhesives

Several options are possible for using UV-Snap Cure adhesives.  For some possibilities, see Using UV-Snap Cures.

Addison Clear Wave's Low Temperature Dual Cure Adhesives

ACW offers a unique family of resins for high precision bonding of electronics and optoelectronics assemblies where opaque or shaded areas exist and where parts are temperature sensitive.  These are epoxy-only adhesives, not hybrids of an epoxy and an acrylate (or BMI derivative) that provide the high performance of epoxies in terms of adhesion and environmental behavior.  They are cured by UV light or heat at relatively low temperatures and can be used in high precision, active alignment applications such as camera module assembly.  For more information, CLICK Dual Cure.