Semiconductor Packaging

Packaging and Die Attach

Optoelectronics Packaging

Optoelectronic, laser diode mounting and electronic packaging

Camera Module Packaging

Sealants for CMOS, CCD, and Wafer Level Optics Packaging


Wafer-level-optic lens, plastic lens, hybrid lens


Nano- and micro-replication layers for information storage and display applications

OLED Sealing

OLED/PLED Edge seal, chip and sensors packaging


Plastic to plastic, plastic to glass, or plastic to metal laminating adhesives

High performance resins for a range of applications

Addison Clear Wave provides epoxy- and acrylate-based heat- and UV-curable adhesives and sealants with a wide range of properties for diverse applications in the optics, optoelectronics, flat panel display, semiconductor and consumer electronics industries. ACW adhesives, sealants and coatings are used for encapsulation of CMOS and electronic components, optoelectronics and die attach integrated circuit packaging, flat panel display sealing, CCD lens bonding, camera module assembly, plastic and glass hard coating and lamination, optical fiber cladding and coating, and many other demanding applications.

Unique properties of ACW's adhesives and sealants include dual-cure resins that cure with either UV radiation or heat for applications with shaded areas, high Tg UV curable sealants for semiconductor or component packaging, UV-Snap Cure adhesives that are stable at room temperature but cure at temperatures as low as 60-70 °C after UV activation, high refractive index resins for Wafer-Level-Optic lens fabrication in mobile phone and display applications, low refractive index adhesives and materials for cladding and optoelectronics applications, UV photopolymer (2P) resins for nano or micro imprinting with either metal or plastic masters, thermally conductive adhesives, and flame-retardant optical fiber coatings.

Addison Clear Wave features custom design of resins for specific needs. Our R&D group works closely with customers to develop new products rapidly. Contact us if you would like to fine tune one of our products for a new application or if you are in the design stage of your new product.

Low Temperature Dual Cure Epoxies for Active Alignment, Camera Modules, and Semi-Conductor Packaging

ACW offers a unique line of dual cure, UV and thermal cure, for the most demanding adhesive applications including active alignment.  These are epoxy only adhesives, not acrylate or BMI hybrids, and offer the robust reliability and adhesion known for epoxies.  They are stored at refrigerator temperatures and do not require Dri-Ice shipping.  Cure with either UV or heat at temperatures as low as 70 °C to obtain a high Tg epoxy, and enjoy working with a pot life of up to one week at room temperature!  For more general information, see the Dual Cure write up in the Blog section.  For a list of products, see the Dual Cure product page.

Room temperature stable adhesives that cure in minutes at low temperatures

Sounds like a paradox?  It's not.  ACW offers UV-Snap Cure Adhesives, a line of epoxy adhesives for highly demanding applications in optoelectronics and semi-conductor packaging, active alignment applications, and consumer electronics packaging.  These adhesives are stable at room temperature but after UV activation cure in minutes at temperatures as low as 60 °C.  They are designed for use with opaque parts and temperature sensitive components.  Interested?  See the UV-Snap Cure page in the Blog section.  For a list of products, see the UV-Snap Cure products page.

Low Temperature Heat Cure and Dual Cure Thermal Conductive Adhesives

ACW has extended its line of all-epoxy adhesives to included low temperature curing thermally conductive adhesives that are electrically insulating.  All cure to give high Tg films with extremely low out-gas.   The TCL adhesives are stored at -40 to -20 °C and cure at temperatures as low as 90 °C, and the TCR adhesives are stable at room temperature and cure at 130-150 °C.  Both heat cure and dual cure versions are available.  See the Thermal Conductive Adhesives page for more informaion.